Howzit, my name is Harry McNulty aka Saltynuts. 

I was born in the middle east, on the small island of Bahrain to Irish parents. Dad was in finance & playing rugby For Bahrain Rugby Club, while mom was working on the Royal flight as an air hostess for the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa.

We moved to London not long after for three years and then to New York for ten. In New York, I fell in love with ice hockey and was lucky enough to play in Madison Square Garden as well as the Olympic stadium in Lake Placid.

At 14, we found ourselves back in Bahrain after dad was invited back for a rugby reunion. Here is where my rugby career began.

Six months later I headed to boarding school, Rockwell College, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. I was thrown in the deep end by going to such a prestigious rugby school but I stuck with it and couldn't have had a more amazing time.

Graduating from school in 2011, I moved to Dublin, then Limerick and back too Dublin again before finishing a degree in Food Science. All the while following a rugby pathway. During my last two years of college, one rugby dream faded and a new opportunity arose, Rugby 7's. Now I am lucky enough to both play rugby and travel around the world as a job!

My upbringing consisted of constant family holidays that I was blessed to have! I learned so much growing up around other cultures and new experiences and its something I have never taken for granted. Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Oman, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Maldives, are just some of the amazing places we visited together as a family.

When we visited Sri Lanka was the first time I really had a camera in my hand and I took millions of photos as you would. Not until I moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2015, for an exchange programme as part of my degree did I really fall in love with photo and video. That's where Saltynuts was born. A creative outlet to be able to produce whatever content I wanted. After making a lot of great friends and meeting like-minded people, it really grabbed a hold of me.

This creative pathway has now developed into more than I could have imagined and I still love it just as much as day one. The goal down the line is to be able to marry my photography and video with conservation and really be able to inform people about the important actions that need to take place to ensure the world we live in is just as amazing when we leave as when we came in.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!