Harry in Kenya hosting a Photography Safari.

Harry McNulty is an Olympic Rugby Sevens Player with a burning passion for Photo/Video and experience based travel.

@saltynuts_ started as a Passion Project in 2015 and over the years has become a beast of its own. The end goal is to create, learn, educate and express myself.

Irish parents, my mother was an air hostess for the king of Bahrain and my father travelled the world playing rugby. Born in Bahrain, we moved to London, New York, and then Ireland by the time I was 14.

Currently based in Dublin, Ireland, I represent the Ireland Men’s 7’s Rugby team and I represented the Los Angeles Giltinis during their inaugural season.
I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to over 40 countries allowing me to learn and understand how different cultures live and this learning is what leads me to travel. Content creation has allowed me to not only create a memory bank, but also allows others to understand what lies outside the walls of the everyday.

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